We believe in making a difference in the world. Our dedication and commitment to research is the way we know how.

We engage with the local community, government consortia, international researchers and the pharmaceutical industry to develop vaccines, new diagnostic tools and treatment regimens to improve the health of those affected with TB, HIV and other ailments.

We conduct internationally acclaimed clinical research focusing on TB and HIV to improve the quality of life of the people in South Africa and around the world.


There is a dire need for improved methods of diagnosis and treatment in the management of HIV and TB in South Africa. The capacity for efficient, high quality research is available in this environment and has the potential for global impact.

THINK is located in Durban, South Africa, in one of the provinces where the TB and HIV burden is among the highest in the world. It also suffers from the highest number of drug resistant TB cases per population, and was the scene for the ‘XDR TB outbreak’ in 2005 leading to the uncovering of Extensively Drug Resistant (XDR) TB.

Through research, and in close collaboration with the community, the Department of Health and other stakeholders, THINK enables the relevant populations to receive improved standard of care and to access new treatment. THINK also enables the South African Health Sector to get first-hand experience with new tools in development.

THINK employs approximately 40 dedicated women and men who carry out clinical research supported through international research funding as well as government, philanthropy, and industry. THINK is currently conducting clinical trials across a number of sites in KwaZulu-Natal aimed at improving diagnosis and treatment for TB and HIV infected individuals.